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Merit Badge Process




Please remember our policy: Troop meetings are for group and team development and NOT generally for Merit Badge time. There is to be NO merit badge work during patrol meeting time, instructional time and competition. The only exception on Mondays is that a Scout can opt to work on Merit Badges during game time.

Scouts occasionally come forward to work on a merit badge without reading the whole MB book from cover to cover. This is not negotiable and it doesnít matter where the MB was started or with whom. To complete the summer camp merit badges or any other please follow these simple rules:
  1. Read the book from cover to cover.
  2. Bring any completed paperwork to a meeting or merit badge help night and coordinate an approved counselor from the scoutmaster.
  3. Sit down with the counselor and explain, show or complete the requirements as detailed.
  4. Itís not a memory test - it is about comprehension and covering the material as stated.




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