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Caving & Lookout Mountain


Registered scouts and scouters of Troop 629 are invited to attend a Saturday daytime ride on the Incline Railroad and top of Lookout Mountain, followed by an exploration of Cumberland Caverns with an overnight of cave wandering plus “deluxe” accommodations with the friendly underground inhabitants.

Departure: Mt. Pisgah, Saturday 8:00 AM on January 25th.

Return: Sunday 3:00 PM, January 26th.

Cost: for food, trip, caving equipment, etc. is $99.00 due by Monday, January 13th meeting with Troop AND caving permission slips.

Requirements: See flyer, permission slip & directions

You will experience the challenge of a vast network of underground chambers, canyons and tunnels requiring you to walk, crawl and climb over, under and through a rugged maze of rock formations – a challenging trip.


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